Collection: Punu - Living Wood by Maruku Arts

Punu is the Pitjantjatjara word for 'living wood'.

The wood itself is derived from slow-growing trees or plants found in the ancestral lands of the Anangu artists. The process of acquiring Punu involves careful selection, as it is believed that the wood possesses a spiritual essence and carries the energy of the land. The carver must seek out and respectfully collect the Punu, acknowledging its significance and the responsibility that comes with working with such sacred material.

Through the creation of intricate carvings and sculptures, Punu is used as a means to share stories, transmit cultural knowledge, and highlight the presence of the Pitjantjatjara, Ngaanyatjarra, and Yankunytjara peoples. The artistic works crafted from Punu serve as a form of cultural expression, providing a tangible representation of their traditions, beliefs, and ancestral connections.

It is important to recognize and respect the cultural significance and protocols associated with Punu and its artistic representation within the Aboriginal communities it originates from.

  • Fits great and love the wearable art design. I have gotten several compliments on the uniqueness of this suit.


  • The fit was perfect, and I loved the style and I love it so much.


  • Looks just like the pictures. Love the suit, fits great and the staff at Milpali was wonderful helping me decide on a size. Got here fast once it got to the USA. Thanks for a great item, excellent workmanship!!!!


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