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Supporting Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory through Ethical Purchasing

The Northern Territory of Australia is home to many Indigenous communities, each with its unique cultural heritage and artistic expression. Aboriginal art is a vital part of Australia's cultural landscape, and it's essential to support the artists and their communities who create it.

Purchasing Aboriginal art is an excellent way to support Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. When you buy products from merchants who licence Aboriginal art, you are helping to generate income for these communities. By doing so, you're contributing to the continuation of their culture, their livelihoods, and the preservation of their traditional knowledge.

One of the most frequently asked questions about purchasing Aboriginal art is whether you can wear it as a non-Indigenous person. Of course it is! By wearing authentic Indigenous art created by partner artists, you show appreciation for the stories and culture. It's an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and history and to showcase their artistic expression in a meaningful way. This also generates a wider audience and a louder voice for the First Nations culture.

The goal is to create positive conversations and in turn, better the understanding of this nation's proud culture. It's important to note that sharing culture leads to respect and the coming together of different communities.

However, it's important to be mindful of where you purchase Indigenous art from. It's essential to support ethical merchants who respect the cultural heritage of Indigenous communities and work towards creating meaningful relationships. You can look for the Indigenous Art Code logo when purchasing Indigenous art, which ensures that the merchant has been reviewed and has committed to fair and ethical practices.

Milpali is proud to work with the Anangu people from the Northern Territory through our partnership with Maruku Arts. By purchasing our products, you not only support the livelihoods of Indigenous artists and their communities, but also promote cultural preservation and awareness. We pay royalties to the artists for each piece we sell, and they retain full ownership of the original painting. This ensures that they are properly compensated for their work and their cultural heritage is respected.

As a non-Indigenous person, wearing authentic Indigenous art created by our partner artists shows appreciation for their stories and culture. It also helps to generate a wider audience and louder voice for the First Nations culture, leading to greater understanding and respect among different communities. Join us in supporting Indigenous artists and their communities by shopping our collection of sustainable swimwear and wearable art today.


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