Wholesale and Collabs

Wholesale Opportunities

We believe in the power of collaboration and are always looking for new partners who share our vision of ethical fashion, sustainability, and creativity. If you're a retailer interested in offering unique, artistically designed swimwear that tells a story, we would love to connect with you. Our wholesale catalogue is filled with beautiful designs that are sure to captivate your customers and add a touch of artistry to your offerings. For more information on our wholesale opportunities and to request a copy of our wholesale catalogue, please contact us below. Let's work together to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and support the arts.

Artist Collaborations

Art is at the heart of everything we do at Milpali. We are constantly inspired by the creativity and passion of artists from around the globe, and we're always open to exploring new collaborations. Whether you're an established artist or just starting out, if you believe your art can translate beautifully onto swimwear and share our values of sustainability and ethical production, we'd be thrilled to hear from you. Collaborating with Milpali means joining a supportive community that values your work and strives to promote it to a wider audience. To discuss potential collaboration opportunities, please reach out to us below.

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