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Tips to find the right swimwear online

We understand that shopping for swimwear online isn’t always easy. Finding a swimsuit that you love, is flattering for your body type and fits right can be a challenge.

By following some of our simple tips we can help you select the right swimwear for your body type and personal style.

Keep It Simple!

If you want a stylish swimsuit while minimising risk, prefer a simple and comfortable piece with a unique print. The print can be bold, but the shape doesn’t have to be too eccentric! Frills, lace, beading, awkward cuts can make swimwear uncomfortable, awkward and give you bad tan lines!


Fabric quality is a key factor to keep in mind when you buy swimwear online. Some fabrics can be flimsy, see through when wet, and provide very little support, especially for those of us who aren’t the most confident in our tummy area or have a fuller chest.

The best fabric ratio to ensure both comfort and longevity is around an 80-20 split: you want your swimsuit to have some give, but return back to its original shape easily.

Another thing to think about: how sheer your swimsuit might appear after a dip. Prefer lined (double-layered) designs for more certainty.

Finally, think about the impact on the environment when buying swimwear. Prefer recycled plastics and wash by hand or in a micro-plastic protective bag to avoid damage but also avoid releasing micro-plastics in the environment.

The Bikini for every body type
The high-waisted bikini is always a safe and great choice. It is unquestionably seductive yet understated, and it looks well on all body types. The high waisted bikini bottoms are sure to increase your confidence and help you get over your anxiety of wearing bikini separates if you have a small belly and don't feel comfortable wearing a 2-piece.

What’s the best swimsuit top for my bust?

If you’re looking to add a bit of fulness up top, consider cup inserts.

For a large bust, it’s about having proper support and coverage. One suit that works is a straight across cut at the top of your swimsuit with wide set straps. Try a bikini top with a thick chest band for extra support. A sports-style top is a good pick for bigger chests.

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What about one-piece swimsuits?

If you like swimming or plan to be active around water or the beach, this type works well for high activity days when keeping things covered and in place.

These costume styles don't need to be boring. Some modern-day versions are fashion statements in themselves and come in a variety of styles colors and fit. They work wonders for showing off particular parts of your body while concealing others.

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Swimwear Sizing

Always put comfort first when buying swimwear online! It’s better to go one size up and be confident that your bikini will be a comfortable fit and that you will feel confident & comfortable to go for a swim, sit down and move around in your bikini without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Always remember to put comfort first especially if it's your first time shopping online for swimwear.

Reach out to customer support

A serious company will always respond to enquiries about sizing in case you have doubts so don't hesitate to reach out!

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