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Maruku Arts Collection

We've teamed up with Maruku Arts, a non-profit run by the Anangu people. They are Aboriginal artists from Australia’s Central and Western Deserts.

When you buy from this collection, you're doing good by the artists, sharing their stories and culture more widely! The artists get paid royalties for every piece sold, and they keep ownership of their original artwork.

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Carley Bourne

Carley's collection botanical, floral based, with a very unique and contemporary abstract impressionist style.

The shapes and colours evoke beach or poolside vibes with exotic plants and palm trees. Think of the Sun, Sea, Sand, pools surrounded by a
garden oasis.

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Susannah Bleasby

- Detours -

My abstract work is entirely about exploring movement, shape and emotion through colour. They're delightfully playful paintings that unapologetically honour my commitment to being just a little bit weird! Thoughtfully composed yet spontaneously created, each piece is full of a curious wonder that makes me smile. They are a whole-hearted expression of joy.

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